10 hair color ideas and trends for 2021

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Hair color ideas

The one trend that is certain today, is hair color is more to each to their own than it has ever been. At Verb, we are celebrating the individuality, the experimentation and embracing your own wimes that are prevalent in our tagged photos. Which is why we have gone directly to what our beloved followers, like you, are doing to take care of their hair color in these crazy times. 

If you’re wondering how to choose a hair color, or just want some inspiration — check our favorite hair color ideas based on today’s top hair trends.

What color should I dye my hair?

You know you’re ready for a change, but what color should you choose? You can spend hours looking at pictures and thinking about how a color would look, but a lesser known trick for choosing a hair color is using your skin’s undertone as a guide. Your skin undertone is the color beneath your skin that affects your hue, and you can use your undertone as a cheat sheet to help find which hair color will compliment your complexion, or go in the opposite direction for a radical new look.

If you’re looking to go blonde or want to find out what undertone you are, check out our in-depth guide on choosing the best blonde hair color for your undertone. If you’re just looking for hair color ideas based on the latest trends, take a look at some of the unique hair colors from our followers featured below.

Hair Color Ideas From Our Instagram Followers

What are the 2021 hair color trends? In a year where it seems like everything changes on a daily basis, there are a few hair trends that are so good they stick around. Check out these unique hair color ideas from some of our amazing followers.

The - show a little root - color

Woman with blonde curls and dark roots wearing red lipstick

Not only are we obsessed with everything Chloe does, but now we are thrilled to see her roots peeking through this perfect head of curls. It adds the perfect amount of dimension to make us really appreciate what it takes to keep that blonde, THAT blonde. You go girl. 

The - not afraid of bleach on my own two hands - color

Beautiful Black woman with bleached blonde hair in a short haircut

So opening up a tube of bleach is not for the faint of heart but for shorter styles, it is an easy way to make an impact without having to trek to a salon (don’t tell our stylists we said that!). Deja rocks the bleach blonde and we have on good evidence that her use of Purple Mask keeps her blonde icy for longer. In addition to reducing brassiness in bleached hair, Purple Mask also delivers essential moisture to keep strands hydrated and health. For an added bonus, pair it with Purple Shampoo.

purple hair mask

purple hair mask

formulated to hydrate, soften
and reduce brassiness in blonde,
grey and silver hair tones



The - I didn’t even color my hair when salons were open - color 

White woman with dark brown hair pinned with a turquoise hair clip

We are not going to lie, we are a little jealous of the hair color virgins out there, zooming without a care in the world about what their roots are up to. It is a great time to go natural and enjoy what your momma gave you. As pictured here, that does not mean your hair has to be boring. Amazing clips, wraps and hair styles are always available as less permanent ways to spice up your hair. If you want to go natural for the first time in awhile, check out our Reset Collection which can help you clear product build-up and restore strands to their most natural state.

explore the<br/>reset collection

explore the
reset collection

designed to clarify, repair
and restore all hair types


The - my zoom selfie is for sure cuter than your zoom selfie - color 

Woman with dark brown hair and pink ombre

For the adventurer at heart, looking for ways to brighten up their days and everyone's Facetime, going to Overtone is a really quick solution. There are tons of brands like them that offer semipermanent colors that create a little fun to anyones hair. Who wants to see all the colors our virtual office mates are currently sporting!?  

The - You are right, this is a not-not color - color 

White woman with light blonde, almost pink hair

We so appreciate a color that makes you double-take at Verb. Is this platinum, is it pink, is there purple, or maybe its rose gold? Whatever it is, we LOVE it. We have to admit, maintenance on this ain't easy but if you can pull it off, we highly recommend it. Purple Mask is a must with this color, but if you want an extra boost of moisture for hair that may have undergone multiple color treatments — consider using our Leave-In Mist which nourishes strands and adds shine. 

leave-in mist

leave-in mist

multitasking leave-in conditioner
that moisturizes, detangles,
nourishes and smoothes


The - balayage I'll stay a little longer - color 

Woman with brown hair with blonde balayage

You heard it here first (just kidding.. You probably haven’t), Balayage is gonna stick it out another year. Consider it the hair god’s gift that keeps giving. There was a point we wanted to lay it to rest but right now, we are glad it is alive, thriving and ready to take us through the year 2020. 

The - Crayons are for adults too - color 

Woman with purple, yellow and orange highlights

Some may just appreciate this from afar (I personally am one of them) but if you can muster up the courage to explore what it is like if you start mixing up the rainbow, we highly suggest it. It not only will brighten up our feed, but we are sure it is proven to improve your mood each day by 110%. To help keep that hair color longer, try to go two or three days without washing by using Dry Shampoo to keep your hair fresh.

dry shampoo

dry shampoo

talc-free formulas
designed to make your
hair look and feel clean


The - Ombre gonna wait a little longer to get my color done - color

Woman with long, ombre hair that goes from brown to blonde

Can we get an applause for the second terrible pun I have made on this post?? 2020 is more the time than ever to just say nahh I don't want to color my hair right now. And guess what, ombre is still cool, so you absolutely don’t have to. Enjoy it. 

The - highlights or the highway - color 

Person with blonde waves

For some people, highlights are their signature and there is no way around it. Beachy blonde is a staple in the hair world and no matter how many variations and techniques that come around (foils, painting, bleaching, etc), it will survive 2021 and continue to thrive.

The - better than sunglasses - color 

Person with a dark long bob with blonde balayage

This tortoise shell color has us swooning. The perfect combo of golden highlights, browns and chocolates. It is light and dark. Brightens the face but adds mystery to any style. It grows out nicely and is easy to maintain. 

What hair color will you choose?

Hopefully you found these hair color ideas from our followers helpful. We can’t wait to see what color and style you choose, so make sure to tag us when you’re ready to show off your new look. 

Have more questions about color hair care? DM us on Instagram @verbproducts and we’ll answer all your hair care concerns.

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