7 hair care tips to upgrade your routine

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Hello there, hair care lovers! Whether you’re new to beauty or a Sephora regular, you probably know by now that getting quality hair products is a key step towards having healthier hair. So once you’ve decided which shampoo and conditioner are best for you and your hair type (not to mention all the styling products), you might be wondering what comes next. Working in the beauty industry has its perks so we’ll be breaking down some of the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way from beauty editors and hairstylists to trial and error. Beyond picking the right hair care products to upgrade your hair care routine, it’s important to:

1. Drink water!

We know you’ve heard this one many, many times but here’s one more reminder. You can’t have healthy hair if you don’t hydrate from the inside out. Drinking water not only helps your skin and your health, but it also helps your hair! Eight glasses of water a day is the general recommendation for most people. We know it can be hard to keep the habit (especially because of all the bathroom breaks you have to take) but we promise, the results are worth it. Get yourself a big water jug at your desk (like this beautiful one that reminds you to drink!) and make it your goal each day to finish the whole thing.   

2. Switch your regular pillowcase for a silk one

This one has been a very popular trend lately and we have to admit, it makes a huge difference. When you sleep on a regular pillowcase it’s probably cotton, nylon or polyester, which means your hair is spending 7 to 8 hours shifting around fabrics that contribute to breakage in your hair overnight. Enter the silk pillowcase – a softer fabric that will be gentle on your hair and reduce overnight breakage. These pillowcases are an investment that will help keep your hair smooth, tangle-free and be gentle with fine hair and split ends.

3. Get rid of your elastic hair ties

Sure, they’re cheap and easy to find anywhere, you might not even mind having to buy a new pack every few months after losing most of them because they’re so easy to find in stores. However, your elastic hair ties also contribute to hair breakage by trapping dry or tangled hair or leaving a visible crease when you take them off. Luckily, there are lots of options that are much better for your hair and (bonus) more stylish. Say hello to your new bff that will live on your wrist from here on out… the silk scrunchies. Again like the benefits from the pillowcase, silk scrunchies (like the Slip Scrunchies) will make sure not to pull or break any hair. Some other cute things if you’re not a fan of scrunches we like Invisibobble hair rings, and Sephora ribbon hair ties that won’t leave creases and also won’t contribute to breakage by pulling at your most fragile strands. 

4. Don’t sleep with wet hair

We’re definitely guilty of this one but our lazy selves need to face the truth because it cannot be denied - Wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry hair. Even with a silk pillowcase, any hair care expert will tell you that sleeping with wet hair will increase the chances of breakage. Not only this but, sleeping with wet hair can also contribute to dandruff and dermatitis so do yourself a favor and make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed. Your next day hair will thank you too for not looking insane when you wake up! 

5. Don’t dry your hair with a regular towel

Following the same idea behind the silk pillowcase, what comes in contact with your hair when you’re drying is also important. Using a heavy bath towel weighs down your hair through the drying process and can pull at sensitive strands, so we prefer to use a soft and lightweight fabric. Remember that wet hair is most prone to breakage so using a gentle fabric dedicated only to your hair will help dry it in the most optimum way. There are a few options when it comes to hair towels but we prefer to “plop it” with a super soft t-shirt. The best part about these options is that they can keep your hair out of your face while you apply your skincare post-shower and even dry it faster than a normal bath towel would. 

6. Clean your hands and your products

After a long day, especially when living in a city, you can’t wait to go home and wash the day out of your face, body, and hair. Before you reach for your face cleanser or any hair care products, wash your hands to avoid transferring all the dirt to your products and back to your hair and face. Much like cleaning your makeup brushes, cleaning your hair care and skincare products is essential to getting the most out of your products. Plus it’s always nice to start with a clean, fresh slate! We like to give all of your products a weekly wash with soap and water to keep everything dirt and germ-free. And remember, when switching from body products to face products to hair products, wash your hands in between to avoid mixing products meant for another part of your body on your hair.  

7. Use a brush that is good for your hair type

Chances are you’ve been using the same brush for years however there’s a slight chance you might be using the wrong hair brush for your hair type. When you use the wrong hair brush, you run the risk of pulling at your strands too much which goes against all the good things you’re doing. If you’re unsure of which hair brush you should be using, check out this blog that breaks down the Verb brushes

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hair brushes

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Boost your hair care routine

You might not want to try every single one of these but, combined with good hair products, these tips will have your hair looking and feeling its best. And in the age of self-care, feeling good about yourself is just the beginning of feeling good about everything else! If you need some help kickstarting your good hair journey, click below and let the good times roll! 

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hair care made easy

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