What is your perfect hair product pair?

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They say the best things come in twos and when it comes to hair care, we know it takes complementary products to have #nobadhairdays. Sure we all have our favorite standout product but we’ve yet to find one that can do everything (pls let us in on the secret if you have). We’re looking for volume, but no frizz—deep conditioning, but weightless... not to mention with all the ingredients you want and none of the ones you don’t. We’ve paired up some of our favorite Verb products and their perfect pairs to help you build hair relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Ghost Conditioner and Ghost Oil

If you like Ghost Conditioner, you need to pair it with Ghost Oil

All Ghost Collection lovers know that finding products that won't weigh your hair down is not as easy as it sounds. Once you rinse out Ghost Conditioner and step out of the shower, you end up wondering what products can follow that will keep fighting flat, dull and frizzy hair. Luckily, Ghost Oil is the perfect follow up to Ghost Conditioner to seal in the weightless and frizz-fighting benefits you got in the shower. You want to make sure you follow your shampoo and conditioner with products that use the same ingredients to tackle the same problems and this pair will do just that!

ghost oil

ghost oil

formulated with moringa
oil for soft, frizz-free hair
from roots to ends


Dry Shampoo and Ghost Dry Oil

If you are a frequent Dry Shampoo user, you should also reach for Ghost Dry Oil.

Let’s face it dry shampoo has become a staple in the haircare routines of all humans everywhere. We know you need options that’s why we’ve created a few different options for you! Depending on which one you prefer, for extra volume and a more environmentally friendly reach for Verb original Dry Shampoo. For those days you need a quick fix, Dry Shampoo Dark or Dry Shampoo Light will have you fresh and out the door with enough time to grab that $5 latte before work. Dry shampoo may help with most of life’s problems, but it doesn’t fix the problem with dry ends. Enter Ghost Dry Oil, the dry conditioner to perfectly pair up with your fav dry shampoo. While dry shampoo cleanses your rootsGhost Dry Oil will condition your ends and help eliminate frizz with a clean scent so you can keep your hair looking like you just came from the salon. 

ghost dry oil

ghost dry oil

vanishing dry oil mist
designed to add shine, detangle
and smooth all hair types


Volume Dry Texture Spray and Sea Texture Cream

If you like Volume Dry Texture Spray, you need to pair with Sea Texture Cream.

“Effortless” waves are a serious staple in our hair care routine. Surprisingly for those of us that have watched hours of YouTube tutorials they’re actually way harder to create than it looks and those of us that use Volume Dry Texture Spray know it takes dedication. Whether you’re a heat styling kind of person or just let your hair air dry, this perfect pair will make a huge difference. We like to describe Volume Dry Texture Spray as if dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby, a little bit of grit for that effortless look, alllllll the volume and just enough hold to keep those waves looking fresh all day long. For soft volume and help creating the perfect amount of wave, we start by scrunching in Sea Texture Cream to add soft, frizz-free waves before locking them in place with Volume Dry Texture Spray. 

sea texture cream

sea texture cream

refreshes hair for instant
volume, touchable hold
and breezy texture


Reset Repairing Mask and Reset Repairing Mist

If you like the Reset Repairing Mask, you’ll need to finish with Reset Sealing Mist.

Damaged, overworked, overcolored or overstyled hair? Unfortunately, too many of us can relate. That’s why at Verb we launched the Reset Collection, a 3-step system designed to clarify the scalp, repair damaged or overworked hair, and restore hair to its most natural state. After clarifying the scalp and using the Reset Repairing Mask to pack your hair with the best nutrients and proteinsyou’ll truly feel like your hair is capable of anything.  But let's not forget one small detail, when you add all of these good ingredients to your hair you have to make sure they stay in there. This is where the Reset Sealing Mist comes in. This little friend will pair up with the mask to make sure all of the goodness is locked in your hair, plus it’ll help keep your hair detangled to make it easier to brush out and avoid breakage.

reset sealing mist

reset sealing mist

smoothes the hair cuticle to
leave each strand detangled,
protected and easy to style

Pick your perfect hair product pair

Now that we’ve let you in on some of our favorite hair product pairs, we hope you might have finally found the *two* for you. If we didn’t mention your go-to here, DM us on Instagram at @verbprodcuts and we can match you up!




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