14 easy hairstyles to wear with hats + scarves

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Cold weather hair expectations:

vs. reality:

It's that time of year again, no we don't mean the holiday season, it's time for the dreaded rat's nest that appears almost instantaneously when our hair comes in contact with any winter accessory. Hats, scarves, jackets... why do you have to mess with our hair? So in order to stave off those literal painstaking hours (okay..minutes) of trying to brush out your hair, here are 14 of the cutest and easiest hairstyles to wear with your favorite beanies and scarves. 

hairstyles to wear with a beanie: cute pigtails

Cute Pigtails

An oldie but a goodie... that's why it's a go-to on a cold morning when your bed seems too cozy. First, hit snooze. Second, reach for dry shampoo.. then part, tease and braid. It's that simple. Pull the braids apart for an "I woke up like this" perfectly messy look. Add your favorite beanie and scarf, and you're ready to go! If you're looking for a good dry shampoo that actually makes your hair feel clean, we've got a few that'll do the trick!

dry shampoo

dry shampoo

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hairstyles to wear with a beanie: twisted side braid

A twist on a classic side braid

A classic side braid is in almost every girl's arsenal of styles to fall back on, so we updated it with a literal twist. Pull hair to one side, part into two sections and then twist around one another, secure with an elastic. Once you try this style, we're sure it'll be a go-to for you as well. Best part? It takes longer to read the directions than to complete. Add a hat to stay warm, we love this glittery Urban Outfitters one!


winter hat hairstyle: chic messy bun

Chic Messy Bun

This is the perfect anytime look for a quick, office to evening, hairstyle. All you need is an elastic, a couple of bobby pins, and some hairspray to finish off the look. For a more tousled look, finish with Verb Sea Spray. Add an infinity scarf and you're ready to take on the cold commute to work. Check out the full tutorial from blogger Christina Dueholm here

sea spray

sea spray

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Bohemian Twist

This hairstyle is another quick go-to that takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is an elastic headband that you can wrap your hair around. Then add a cute scarf and you're set to brave the wind with style. Check out the full tutorial from MerryThought here. 


winter hat hairstyle: bohemian twist


The ever so sleek pony

Okay, so this one will only work with a scarf but we like it anyways! The chic look takes a couple more steps than a normal ponytail and yet looks so much more put together. For extra slicked back, use a straightener before putting into a ponytail. We use Verb Styling Cream to give hair that satin finish. Then secure with hairspray! Check out the full tutorial on our Austin blogger crush, Camille Styles!

styling cream

styling cream

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winter hat hairstyle: knotted goddess

Knotted goddess

This style is too perfect knot to share. A quick way to transform bedhead to brunch-ready in minutes. Pull hair back in sections, and knot, continue to do this as much as you want while pulling more hair into the sections. To finish, secure with an elastic. Feel free to use bobby pins and texture spray to finish the look. This style would look great with any beanie, wide brimmed hat or scarf you could want to wear. Check out other insta #hairgoals created by stylist Tauni. Looking for a texturizing spray to replicate this style? Check out Volume Dry Texture Spray to achieve that perfectly imperfect updo.

volume dry texture spray

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winter hat hairstyles: triple bun

Triple buns

For when you're feeling a bit more playful, this look comes together quickly and pairs well with any winter accessory. Separate hair into 3 ponytails and twist around into buns, securing with bobby pins and hairspray. It's that easy, but in case you want to do more research, check out the full tutorial from Go Make Me.

winter hat hairstyles: quick curls

Quick curls

We know you're *eye-rolling* at the word "quick", but we're serious. If you're going to hide your curls under a cute winter hat then no need to make them perfect. We pulled her hair into a high pony, separating into two pieces and curling the two sections. Let down the ponytail, spritz with texture spray and voilà a curled-do to go in under 5 minutes! Sorry for you thick hair ladies out there it may take a few high pigtails (separating into 4 pieces), but give it a try. Still unsure of what we're talking about? Here's a clip of Verb Founding Member, Claire, showing you how. Remember, you have to heat protect whenever using heat styling tools (yes, even with quick curls). If you're looking for a lightweight formula, we recommend definitely Ghost Prep to smooth frizz and add shine and provide heat protection up to 425°F.

ghost prep

ghost prep

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winter hat hairstyles

6 more hair tutorials

In case none of the above are your cup of tea, here are 6 easy tutorials from Cosmo.com to style your hair before you reach for a cozy scarf

No matter what you do with your hair this winter, make sure you keep your hair hydrated, nourished and protected from the dry winter air with our Hydrate Collection.

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