Verb Dry Shampoo Light & Dark: What You Need To Know

It's official, Verb Dry Shampoo Light & Dry Shampoo Dark are finally here! You can now be the chicest lazy person, no matter your hair color (we do recommend washing sometimes though).

The aerosol sprays are our newest addition to the Dry Shampoo family and we are beyond excited to introduce y’all to our wake-up-late-hair-cleansing-shower-in-a-can to make sure there's #nobadhairdays ahead. Here’s what you need to know:

1. How is it different from the original powder Dry Shampoo?

Good Q! Verb Dry Shampoo Light & Verb Dry Shampoo Dark aerosol sprays clean & refresh hair like the og powder but these new formulas are tinted. Watch below to see when it's best to use powder vs. the new formulas


2. How do I use it?

Shake well. Spray 8-10 inches away from dry hair evenly as needed. Once your hair has reached its desired cleanse + volume, go out and  (verb) in your Verb! Sprayed too much? Don't worry you can always brush to make the formula disappear. 

3. Which dry shampoo formula do I use?

This one is simple - light hair color or looking to help tone your blonde? Dry Shampoo Light it is. Darker hair color or a redhead? We'd suggest Dry Shampoo Dark. In case you want a full description - see below. 

Verb Dry Shampoo Light

Created for lighter hair, Dry Shampoo Light provides an effective yet gentle cleanse while the purple formula enhances blonde tones between salon visits. The formula works to give light volume and prevent damage from washing and styling. Blondies - now you can quickly cleanse damage-free and water-free with this do-it-all dry shampoo.

Verb Dry Shampoo Dark

Reenergize second day hair, preserve blowouts and add natural volume with a dry shampoo that disappears in dark hair. The formula works to give light volume and prevent damage from washing and styling. Dry Shampoo Dark was formulated specifically for dark-haired folks because, often times, one “size” doesn’t fit all … especially when it comes to quality hair care.

4. Made with Only Good Stuff

Like all Verb products, our Dry Shampoo Light & Dark are made without parabens, gluten and harmful sulfates. Oh and it's vegan & cruelty free as well, like we said only good stuff here, y’all.

If you're more of a visual learner, check out the before & afters below to see the many ways you can use Dry Shampoo Light & Dark to achieve your look.