Dry shampoo: the best way to skip the suds

Posted by Kayce Sebree on

Verb's Dry Shampoo helps you skip the suds and not only makes your hair look clean but feel clean. 

Dry shampoo isn’t a new thing, we’ve been thanking the hair gods for years and the first dry shampoo ad even goes all the way back to Twiggy’s days. Interesting history facts, dry shampoo is one of the oldest hair products with proof that it was used in ancient Egyptian times. Cleopatra knew what’s up and we still worship the stuff so much we're pretty sure most weeks by Friday morning our hair is about 84% dry shampoo.

Verb’s dry shampoo is a great alternative to skipping the suds for those days you don’t have time. The main ingredient of tapioca starch creates a very fine natural powder that won’t clog pores and will soak up any oil. The applicator (cone shaped) is specifically designed so that with an upward puffing motion you can apply to your hair only in the areas that need a little help. 

We recommend, if you have 3 minutes to spare, you section your hair, lift hair to apply the powder to the areas around the crown of your head (try not to put powder on the very top of your hair); let sit for 2 minutes and brush through; voilà you have oil free volume. If you're a first time user of powder dry shampoo you can also put the product in your hand and apply with fingers until you get comfortable with the right amount of product for your hair. 

If you're more of a visual learner, check out the video below with Verb stylist Vanessa to show you the best way to use Verb Dry Shampoo!

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