6 reasons you should use a leave-in this winter

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The colder months can strip our hair if its moisture and create dry and frizzy hair that’s prone to breakage and split-ends. A leave-in mist provides a light conditioning to the hair and helps to restore moisture and leave the hair feeling smooth and soft. Unlike regular conditioners, that you’re supposed to rinse out, leave-in conditioners are meant to be left in your hair. You may or may not want to add an extra step in your winter hair maintenance but we’re advocates of using a leave-in and here’s why.

Replenish. The entire job description of a leave-in mist is to condition your hair. It brings moisture back to your hair and your hair back to life.

Repair. If you’re not at the point of “I’m cutting it all off,” then a leave-in could be your hairs’ saviour. Water-based products penetrate the strands and provide restoration to withering tresses.

Detangle. Once your hair is conditioned, it’s easier to eliminate all of those stubborn tangles from your hair. Spray this leave-in mist from ends to mid shaft and comb through for a seamless detangling process. For thicker hair, spray throughout your hair and comb from ends to roots.

Defrizz. A leave-in locks in moisture to your hair, which allows for frizz control. It also does a great job in reducing hair static - especially during the winter. Apply ghost oil afterwards for a smooth and shiny look!

Prep. Now that your hair is conditioned and defrizzed, it’s easier to manipulate. Style your hair as usual.

Protect. Leave-in conditioners are also designed to protect the hair from environmental factors. During the summer, too much heat from the sun or during the winter, the icy chill can be a lot for your hair to deal with. The leave-in mist will take care of all of it. It also acts as a safeguard from heat tools although we still recommend a heat protectant.

If you’re still not convinced, don’t just take our word for it. Candace L. said, “This is the only leave-in mist I can use to stop the frizzy outer layer and not weigh my hair down.” Even Kina rates this product a life-saver, “I have extremely damaged hair! (went from blonde, to black, to brown); I’ve tried pretty much everything and this product was definitely one of the only things that helped restore my hair. It does what it’s supposed to do and my hair doesn’t get oily from this at all. Love this.”

Want to see the leave-in mist in action? Check out how Claire and Jess used it for effortless styling.

All hail the leave-in mist 🙌

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