4 tips to eliminate frizz this winter

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Winter is all about hot cocoa with marshmallows filled to the top of your mug, matching beanies with bae and catching snowflakes on your tongue...I mean, if you lived on a movie set that may seem a little more feasible but let’s be honest - it’s the complete opposite (maybe not the bad part #couplegoals). Winters in NYC aren’t complete without it being pitch black at 3 p.m., getting caught in a puffy-coat sandwich on a crowded subway car and trying your absolute best to protect your hair against the piercing wind chill. Luckily for you, we’re going to give you some of our hair-saving tips to get through this season.

Adjust the heat.

No, not the heat in your room; but the heat you use on your hair. The cold air already puts a strain on your hair so you’ll have to take extra steps to make sure it stays strong. We know you don’t want to spend an hour straightening your hair but this is the one season where you’ll have to give your hair more tlc than usual. Using a hair protectant is key. Heat protectants act as a barrier between your hair and the hot tool. The ghost prep is a great option because a little goes a long way. Not only does it protect your hair but the lightweight formula also helps to defrizz your hair and ensure a smooth style. Cocktail with the ghost oil for a sleek shine.

Less is More.

Frizz is caused when your hair follicles are disturbed; which causes the hair cuticle, or first layer of hair, to lift. Simplifying your hair routine for the next three months could save your life. Essentially, the less you manipulate your hair the less it’ll be prone to breakage. Verb shampoo and conditioners are definitely lightweight enough for everyday use but for those days when you need to give your hair a break, opt for a dry shampoo to refresh your hair.

Make Conditioner Your New  BFF.

Okay, don’t tell your bff irl (because we all that that one friend that takes their title very seriously) but conditioner needs to become your go-to. For our friends with oily hair (actually any hair type), always use a sulfate-free conditioner, like the hydrating conditioner. Some sulfates, like natural salts, are good but some, like the man-made chemicals created in a lab are a huge no-no. Inorganic sulfates dry out your hair; which makes your hair produce more oil, which makes you wash it more...which increases frizz. For our friends without oily hair, try co-washing. It’s exactly what it sounds like: conditioner-washing, the ghost conditioner is great for fine hair, doesn’t weigh your hair down and softens the hair.  For extra hydration, apply the hydrating mask for a deeper conditioning treatment.

Use A Smoothing Product.

Lightweight serums and oils create a no frizz zone and we’re totally here for it. Ghost oil is a moringa-infused and weightless oil that smooths the hair. Use 1-2 pumps and distribute throughout your hair from ends to midshaft.



Check out the video below to see some other ways to use ghost oil.

Winter is here but with these tips your hair will thrive in these Game of Thrones-like conditions.

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