7 'dos to fire up your fitness resolution

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7 'Dos to Fire Up Your Fitness Resolution

January means post holiday blues, cold weather, and resolutions. We’re racking our brains to figure out how to help you (and us) stick to our 2018 fitness resolutions for good. We’ve already got a few tools in place to ensure success: cute gear, bumpin’ playlists, motivating workout buddy - check. Those are great but finding the motivation to actually leave the house and go to the gym is like finding a bobby pin when you need it - hard AF. Well, we’ve compiled a list of cute (and sturdy) gym hairstyles that will hopefully incentivize you to put those Lululemon leggings & Strong Hairspray to good use.

French Braid Pony

Here’s a fun twist on the go-to high-top ponytail, perfect for people with layers that tend to fall out of regular ponytails. With just a few drops of Ghost Oil on the ends and a quick brush of the ponytail, you can take this look from the gym to the office with time to spare. Feel free to watch this quick 4 minute tutorial and try it for yourself.

Upside Down French Braid

Essentially a reverse of the french braid ponytail, this look is the modern day definition of “business in the front, party in the back.” It takes a bit more of a skilled hand to master this style than the classic french braid pony, but the result is so worth it. Birchbox created a step by step tutorial so that you can master this elegant and versatile look at home.

Space Buns

Fact: 2 buns are twice as fun as 1. When it comes to motivating yourself at the gym, it’s all about finding the little pleasures you can get out of the experience, so if that means wearing some kickass space buns to add some fun to your fitness routine, then so be it. Pro tip: the higher the buns on your head, the more fun… but that’s just us.

Crown Braid

The crown braid is an stunning, durable gym style that is great for people who have bangs but hate working out with them. Just braid them up into your crown and violá - bothersome bangs be gone. Check out how to get the look from Kayley Melissa, who says her tutorial works on shoulder length hair too!

Double Stuffed Pony

If you have shorter hair or short, choppy layers then you know the struggle of having to re-do your ‘do every 3 minutes at the gym. The double stuffed or “stacked” ponytail is a great way to make sure all your hair stays put for the entire workout. Bonus: this style makes your hair look voluminous and thick as heck. So, whenever you’re done breaking a sweat, spritz volume spray on those tails for some extra va-va-voom and you’re ready for the day. Go ahead and check out Makeup Mania for a user-friendly tutorial on this sturdy and stylish look.

Bubble Pony

A simple style with a sophisticated look, the bubble ponytail is almost too easy not to try. Just make sure you have ample amount of elastics on hand, and maybe some hairspray or texturizing spray for some post-gym refreshment, and you’re ready to slay the day.

Half & Half

Disclaimer: this look is definitely an acquired style for the gym meant for those who a.) don’t mind having part of their hair down during their workout, or b.) have hair that is too short to put in 1 clean ponytail. We know, this applies to a pretty small group of people but it still applies nonetheless. After your workout, pop a curling wand on some sections of hair inside the ponytail, spray with hairspray and go on your merry way. Need some inspiration for your half updo? Check out the very talented Milabu and her tutorial of 10, yes 10 different half & half looks.

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