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The Ghost family is almost a year old, and in that time y'all have made it our bestselling collection! What makes the Ghost Collection so special? Where does the name come from? Keep reading to find out why we created it, why your hair loves it and why the collection has over 62K loves on

ghost collection

explore the
ghost collection

add shine, smooth and
protect for weightless, easy
styling in all hair types

Here’s what you need to know about Ghost before you hit the “shop now” button:

1. What does it do?

Good Q! In essence, the Ghost Collection was made specifically to bring hydration to fine haired people or those who wash daily. Why "ghost"? Because it's so weightless it disappears in the hair (and we thought it was a cool name). Formulated to naturally smooth frizz and add radiant shine to all hair types, this collection is infused with moringa seed oil — leaving hair smooth and touchable all day long. It’s a great collection to add to your routine when you're looking for hair care that is weightless and won't weigh you down. 

2. How do I use it?

Start with the Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner... you know how to do that part. After towel-drying hair, we recommend a small amount of Ghost Prep throughout strands to help heat protect (up to 425 degrees) before styling. Do you have a little bit thicker hair? Our favorite thing to do is to combine Ghost Prep with a pump of Ghost Oil before drying.

ghost oil

ghost oil

formulated with moringa
oil for soft, frizz-free hair
from roots to ends

Next, dry hair or let air dry and finish styles with Ghost Dry Oil for an all-over weightless shine and protect against frizz. We recommend Ghost Oil on the ends of dry hair to polish off styles as well. For days when you're looking to curl or style, use Ghost Hairspray for a medium, lightweight hold without the crunch. 

Get out and verb in your Verb. Repeat as little or as much as you'd like, Ghost will never weigh you down. 

3. Made with Only Good Stuff

Like all Verb products, our Ghost Collection is made without parabens, gluten and harmful sulfates. That means you never have to question and worry about what you're putting on your hair. Oh, we're cruelty-free as well, like we said only good stuff here, y’all.

explore all collections

explore all collections

free of parabens, gluten and
harmful sulfates — always

4. Priced Right

Looking for affordable haircare? Verb is all about salon-quality hair care at an affordable price, that's why all of our regular sized products, including Ghost, are always $20 (USD). We think beauty should be easy and you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality simply because you can't afford it.

More of a visual learner? Check out the videos below to see real people use the Ghost Collection. 

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