2020 Halloween hair ideas

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If you’re feeling a chill coming in from your cracked-open window, you know what that means. Fall has made its entrance and there is no going back. When we think of Fall, we inevitably think of Halloween. There are some obvious things that come to mind when we think of Halloween like candy, costumes, and trick or treating but there are also reasons why those things aren’t as obvious this year. If you’re a big Halloween fan, you know that you can make anything feel like the cozy, spooky Halloween you love. 

This year, we encourage everyone to include Halloween in your self care. Let your inner child take the reigns and make a fort out of pillows or a cinema out of a Netflix Party marathon of Halloween movies. Maybe this is the year you buy a fancy spooky themed bath bomb, put on a face mask and eat candy. Maybe this is the year you try your hand at some cool Halloween hair and makeup just to have fun. 

We’ve always looked forward to seeing amazing, talented people try their hand at fun Halloween looks, recreate TV show makeup, tease their hair all the way up with our products. All year we look forward to the one night a year where everyone can express their creativity even if it’s a little last minute. This year is no different, here’s some ideas and inspiration to get you to dust off your makeup palettes and get into the spooky spirit:

Halloween hairstyle ideas and inspiration

Stephanie Roxanne

  • Find her at: @ohheyroxanne on IG! Follow Stephanie if you’re looking for creative high-end makeup looks. 
  • Who is she? Verb Curl Crush and Sephora Certified Makeup Artist
  • Halloween 2020 look: Euphoria inspired - because how could you not? This particular look is inspired by Kat’s Halloween look in Season 1.
  • Verb Products used to create the look: Curl Shampoo, Curl Conditioner, Hydrating Mask, Reset Sealing Mist, Curl Cream, and Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition
  • How to get the hair: My wash ‘n go is always perfected with the use of the Verb Curl shampoo and conditioner. The Hydrating Mask really made my curls extremely hydrated in preparation for this cute halloween hairstyle. For styling, the assistance of Verb Reset Sealing Mist helped refresh and detalge my curls while the Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition really boosted this look by adding a soft feel and major shine!
    curl shampoo

    curl shampoo

    gently cleanses waves,
    curls and coils while preserving
    hydration and minimizing frizz

Emily Chu

  • Find her at: @emilydoes_makeup on IG! Follow Emily to see her do what she says on her Instagram handle, makeup! 
  • Who is she? Queen of glowy skin, colorful and geometric makeup and pixie hair icon.
  • Halloween 2020 look: Clown - a visual representation of how 2020 has made us feel. 
  • Verb Products used to create the look: Ghost Prep, Strong Hairspray, Blow Dry Brush
  • How to get the hair: To get these bouncy curls, I first applied Ghost Prep to slightly damp hair for heat protection. Since I have such uncooperative straight hair, I sprayed a light layer of the Strong Hairspray before and after curling my hair with a ¾ inch iron. I finished the style with the Disco Edition Ghost Dry Oil to add some sparkle and shine!

Sarah Novio

    • Find her at: @sarah_novio on IG! Follow Sarah for the best reviews on all things hair, makeup and skincare. 
    • Who is she? A digital creator with serious makeup skills.
    • Halloween 2002 look: Beetlejuice - a Halloween hair icon and king of comedy. 
    • Verb Products used to create the look: Volume Spray, Volume Dry Texture Spray, Sculpting Clay, Ghost Prep, 35mm Brush
    • How to get the hair: My hero product to create this look is the Ghost Prep! I have been using this product for almost a year now, and it has saved my hair for all the styling I do to it. It’s great to use while my hair is still damp and before styling, giving me moisturized hair while not weighing my hair down!
volume dry texture spray

volume dry texture spray

a texturizing hairspray that
adds instant volume, light hold
and lived-in texture to all styles

Julia Dovgal 

  • Find her at: @juliaadovgal on IG, her editorial looks are a major inspiration!
  • Who is she? A very talented artist and photographer.
  • Halloween 2020 look: Golden Goddess
  • Verb Products used to create the look: Ghost Shampoo, Ghost Conditioner, Hydrating Mask, Ghost Hairspray
  • How to get the hair: First I used the Ghost Collection. My hair used to always be frizzy no matter what hair products I tried. After using Ghost Shampoo & Conditioner I finallyI felt that my hair was very soft and shiny! For this look, I straightened my hair and applied Ghost Hairspray to add some volume to the roots. The effect from the Ghost products last me 2 days and my hair looked so shiny and most importantly, healthier than before I tried them!
    ghost hairspray

    ghost hairspray

    flexible, medium hold
    hairspray for workable hairstyles
    and all-day control

Victoria Yabut

    • Find her at: @victoriayabut on IG for all the baddie makeup artist content you need.
    • Who is she? One of the OG Verb Friends and a fantastic makeup artist
    • Halloween 2020 look: 
    • Verb Products used to create the look: Ghost Hairspray, Volume Spray, Dry Shampoo in Dark 
    • How to get the hair: I started off with damp hair and sprayed the Verb Volume Spray from root to tip before blow drying it. I began curling my hair and kept it in place with the Verb Ghost Hairspray. The Volume Spray is a must for me especially with my naturally straight flat hair!
volume spray

volume spray

lightweight volumizing spray
that amplifies hair for a
flexible, full-bodied finish

Try these Halloween hair ideas at home

A special thanks to our Verb Friends Stephanie, Emily, Sarah, Victoria and Julia. Let us know if you try any of these looks and make sure to check out the Verb Friends Affiliate Program to collaborate with us on content like this!

Let us know if you have any questions about Halloween hair or your daily style, our experts @verbproducts can give you advice!

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