2023 Hair Trends and Popular Styles

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Each year, what’s in and out of style changes. In 2022 and recent years, the most popular hair trends have centered around creating a simple, natural style that’s easy to manage. Kicking off in 2023, there’s a change in what’s trending. Vintage styles like bobs are making a comeback, while hybrid styles are creating looks that have never been done before.

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle this year, these are the top trends to give you inspiration for your next salon visit.

Trending Hair Care Products & Habits

According to Spate, products like glitter hair spray have seen big increases in popularity compared to last year, with interest nearly doubling. Another product that stood out is dry shampoo powder, which saw a big increase in people looking to buy.

woman with butterfly cut

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Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut is a layered style that began trending on TikTok in 2022 and is growing even more popular in the new year. The style uses a combination of short and long sections to create layers that emulate the appearance of a butterfly’s fluttering wings. Although the style itself is new, many people liken its appearance to a modernized version of “The Rachel” cut from the iconic Friends character with a mix of the classic 70s shag style.

To achieve the look, a stylist will create feathered layers that vary in length. The shortest layer should fall near your cheekbone, followed by another that goes to your jaw, and another that goes below your face or even down to your shoulders. Depending on your face structure and hair goals, your stylist can tailor the length and number of layers.
curly hair with soft blunt bob

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Soft Blunt Bobs

The bob is a classic style that’s been around since the 1920s, which typically involves medium-length hair that’s cut around the jaw level. Over the years, several variations of the style have emerged and in 2023 soft blunt bobs are the latest craze. Unlike the structured shape of a traditional bob, a soft bob uses looser waves with more texture to create a relaxed appearance with light movement.

To get the hairstyle, your stylist will section hair into quadrants and start with the back before moving to the front. There should be no tension, so the hair will be cut at it’s natural fall. As the stylist moves from section to section, they’ll add loose layers that vary in length which will create texture when finished.

woman with hybrid style hair

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Hybrid Styles

In 2023, we’re seeing lots of stylists talk about “hybrid” or “mix ‘n match” cuts that involve taking aspects of different hairstyles to create something completely original. For example, using side-swept bangs in the front and butterfly layers in the back. This type of style offers unparalleled creativity, but may also be difficult to explain to your stylist. When going in for a cut, bring pictures of what you’re looking for and talk with your stylist to make sure they understand before starting.

woman with curtain bangs

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Curtain Bangs

In 2023, curtain bangs will continue their reign as one of the most popular styles. If you aren’t familiar with it, the style uses bangs on both sides that drape your face (like curtains over a window) by starting short in the middle and getting longer as they go out towards your ears. The style’s long bangs complement face shapes and structures of all types, which is one of the reasons they remain popular year after year.

Although the style seems simple, you’ll definitely want to work with a stylist because there’s lots of room for a DIY mishap. To start the cut, they’ll begin by finding the center of your bangs and trimming the middle. Next, they’ll move towards the side while holding the shears diagonally to create an angle and the “curtain” effect the style is known for. While you could technically do this at home, a well-trained stylist will be able to do this in a way that blends your bangs into the rest of your hair, which you can style however you’d like.

woman with 90s blowout

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90s Blowouts

The fluffy, voluminous blowouts associated with 90s supermodel hair are trending again. The style is characterized by thickness, lots of volume, and loopy curls that have a tousled appearance. In the 90s, the style gained popularity from celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Alicia Silverstone; but today, the style’s comeback can be traced to a wave of viral TikTok tutorials.

You can achieve the look at home, but you’ll need a good round brush and blow dryer. After washing your hair, blow dry the bottom of your hair while using a round brush at an angle pointed towards your face. Work in even sections, and slowly move up towards the top of your hair, pointing the round brush away from your face as you go higher. If you’re hesitant about doing it yourself, be safe and go to the salon instead.

woman with curly pixie cut

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Pixie Cut

Short hair is trending in 2023, and the pixie cut is a classic style you can expect to see more often this year. The style features short-length (cut up to 3 inches) with a cropped back and sides and a longer top. The pixie cut’s roots go back to the 1950s when it became popularized by Audrey Hepburn, but it has remained popular through the ages with plenty of celebs donning the look like Winona Ryder in the 80s or Rhianna more recently.

To get the iconic pixie cut, your stylist will start by cutting any long sections such as a ponytail so the hair is easier to manage. Next, they’ll separate the top from the rest of the hair and then divide sections at the nape before doing the same on the sides. With all the preparations in order, your stylist will use a vertical cut technique within each side section to create the pixie cut’s shape. After the sides, they’ll trim the top and create the bangs to complete the look.

woman with wolf cut

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Wolf Cut

Mullets were a major trend last year, but in 2023, one modernized version is going viral: the wolf cut. The style combines the length and volume of a mullet with the layers of a classic shag cut, creating an edgy look that’s racked up over 2.6 billion views on TikTok. The original style comes from the punk rock stars of the 70s, but today’s trending version has a slight twist. Instead of layers being primarily on the top (like with a classic mullet), the currently trending version spreads layers throughout to create more movement. 

Part of the wolf cut’s virality comes from how simple the basic style is, you simply tie your hair in a high ponytail and cut three to four inches from the ends. This will create a few layers, but you may need to do additional cuts to add more or incorporate other tweaks like bangs. The trim can be anxiety-inducing so if you’re unsure, work with your favorite stylist to make sure it’s done right.

How to Maintain Your New Style

The look you go for may look great out of the salon or after your DIY cut, but maintaining the look requires effort. Each style has their own tips and maintenance schedules, but one common factor is that you’ll want to use high-quality hair products made from good ingredients. Verb has a wide array of options to suit your style and hair goals. Shop all or take our hair quiz to get personalized recommendations.

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