Travel Inspiration: 10 Best Beaches

In honor of the launch of our new Sea Collection, all about breezy texture and beachy waves, we're planning our next tropical vacation. After diving into a deep Instagram hole of travel photos we've realized there are too many beautiful beaches and not enough vacation time (unless you live in Europe, lucky vacation wielding chaps). So we created a list of the 10 best beaches for your bucket list or to use on your 10 vacation days A YEAR. It's sad really, so although we can't help the negotiations with your boss for a sabbatical hopefully the below list will inspire you to #getoutandverb this summer. 

**Verb cannot be held accountable for any sudden decisions to quit your job and travel the world after reading this article

10. Camps Bay Beach in South Africa

Mountains & a beach? Yes please, only reason this one is #10 on our list is because the chances of becoming a great white shark snack are higher than the other beaches on this list. 

9. Bingin beach in Bali

So we would have chosen literally any beach in Bali to get on this list but we had to pick one and this looks beautiful, plus who doesn't love a good rainbow? Fun fact, Verb Sea Spray was color matched to the water in Bali! 

8. Makua beach in Hawaii

We had to pick a beach in the U.S. so we went for Makua beach in Hawaii, it's known for being a bit off the beaten path which sounds amazing. Minimal tourists and peace and quiet for your beach day? All of the yes. Oh also you can snorkel here! 

7. Baia do Sancho beach in Brazil

*A picture is worth a thousand words so we'll just let that do the talking for this beach pick.  [/caption]

6. 7 Mile beach in Grand Cayman

It's important to visualize your goals, here's a photo that does just that. We're pretending that's our perfectly sun-kissed skin laying in what might be the bluest water ever. Enough said.  

5. Harbour Island in Bahamas

Pink beaches? So on trend Mother Earth. Also, did y'all know that pink dolphins are a thing? Yeah, google it. You're welcome.  

4. Playa Paraiso in Cuba

One could theoretically live under that hut right? Asking for a friend. 

3. Navagio (Shipwreck) beach in Greece

Okay we stand corrected, water CAN be even bluer than the beaches above. Also that tiny thing on the beach is actually a really cool shipwreck you can explore.  [/caption]

2. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

In case you wanted to get away from the sand for a bit and have a "I might be on the set of Avatar" moment, here you go.  

1. Whitehaven beach in Australia

This one is for sure top on our list, maybe because I've been there (hi, Kayce here) and it was absolutely amazing. Also because the sand here is so fine (it has the consistency of flour) and pure my tour guide said that NASA uses it to make glass for their spaceships. Doesn't get cooler than that. 

Want more beaches? There's a little tiny publication you may have heard of called Condé Nast that has a pretty sweet list and great photos to look at. 

Check it out! Happy summer vacation hunting

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