Meet Ivy

Hi, I’m Ivy
Ivy is a full-time makeup artist and beauty blogger in the Midwest. She is wife to a photographer, and mother to 2 troublesome cats.
Des Moines, Iowa
Star Sign
Hair Type
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Hair Concerns
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Where would be your dream vacation?
Ok, some sort of animal sanctuary where I can hold the animals. Or wait! A horse ranch that also has a cool spa!
What super power would you want to have?
Mind control. I do makeup for a living. Weddings mostly. You do the math.
What are 3 words that your best friend would use to describe you with?
Funny, creative, helpful
What's your typical hair routine?
Ok, don't laugh! I wash it about 3x per week. I dry it 1-2x per week. I style it maybe once a week. I LOVE Ghost Oil and it's changed my life.
Top Picks
“Two words. Ghost Oil. It has changed my life. No really. When I apply before blowdrying, it makes my hair have a glass-like shine.”
— Ivy, @ivysavanah