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All proceeds of this t-shirt will be donated to the Professional Beauty Association to aid those who are currently unemployed due to shut-downs following COVID-19 (people like our hairstylists, small businesses and salons). 

Choose your price. This shirt cost us $9.49 to make. Pay whatever you feel comfortable with – we’ll deduct $9.49 from it and send the rest to PBA. Thanks for helping us support all those whose jobs are affected by these difficult times.

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Buy an extra one for your BFF/partner/sibling (it's for a good cause, why not!?) Pro tip: use this t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel to decrease frizz and retain moisture throughout the day.

Paraben Free

Gluten Free

No Harmful Sulfates

Not Tested On Animals

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. Made in Honduras. 

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