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Verb Sea Spray takes landlocked hair to the beach for loose, languid curls. Formulated with natural sea salt and smoothing moisturizers, this light mist infuses all hair types with oceanic waves for a breezy texture boost. Includes two full size Verb Sea Sprays and one travel size Verb Sea Spray.


Verb Benefit - body Verb Benefit - hold Verb Benefit - texture Verb Benefit - windswept

type FineFine

type StraightStraight

type WavyWavy

Green tea extract provides antioxidant protection
Natural sea salt adds volume and effortless texture
Quinoa protein repairs damage while coating, strengthening and protecting hair. Packed with vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids, quinoa can aid in hair growth while preventing breakage
Seaweed extract and kelp cleanse hair of excess oils and provide natural hydration
Sweet almond fruit extract seals in moisture and strengthens hair

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