mom on-the-go mom on-the-go

mom on-the-go

For moms who love a quick hair fix.

Verb Ghost Oil dropletsVerb Ghost Oil

ghost oil™

2 fl oz
Verb Leave-In Mist textureleave-in mist | 6.5 fl oz

leave-in mist

6.5 fl oz
supermom supermom


For moms that deserve a spa
day (aka every mom).

Purple Mask texture swatchPurple Mask Kit on grey background
On sale
curl queen curl queen

curl queen

For moms that proudly wear
their coils like a crown. 

Verb Curl Shampoo textureVerb Curl Shampoo

curl shampoo

12 fl oz
Verb Curl Conditioner textureVerb Curl Conditioner

curl conditioner

12 fl oz
Verb Curl Cream textureVerb Curl Cream

curl cream

5.3 oz
pageant mom pageant mom

pageant mom

Because there’s no such
thing as too much volume.

Verb Volume Shampoo textureVerb Volume Shampoo

volume shampoo

12 fl oz
Verb Volume Sprayvolume spray | 6.5 fl oz

volume spray

6.5 fl oz
amplify + texturize duoVerb Amplify and Texture Kit on Grey Background
On sale
smooth operator smooth operator

smooth operator

For the mom who loves a
sleek, frizz-free look.

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