Verb Friends: Victor’s daily curly hair routine

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by Victor Martínez

Hi friends! It’s Victor here, reporting to give y’all the easiest curly hair routine. For three years now, I've embraced my curls and have started to learn what works, what doesn’t and what really makes my curls be bold — just like me. Growing up, I always kept my hair short due to everyone around me influencing and making me believe curly hair was unprofessional and unkempt. It’s been a journey, both accepting my hair and learning how to take care of it but now I know when to wash, what products to use, and how to style it. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Curly Hair Wash Routine

So the first part of my simple daily curl routine is setting the mood. Put on some music, light up a candle or two and clear out your entire afternoon. After this, we’ll get to washing. I like to wash my hair with the Reset Clarifying Shampoo because it’s great to detangle and get all that build-up off. Using a scalp massager, I go in and slowly (and gently) massage the product into my hair for three to five minutes. After, I take a comb and slowly detangle my hair.

After detangling, I apply either the Curl Conditioner or the Ghost Hair Mask and let it sit in my hair for up to five to seven minutes (you can dance and perform up to three songs while you wait). Using a hair mask is so beneficial for your hair, especially if you’re using a lot of products during the week. It can nourish and defrizz your hair while adding back shine and volume.

reset clarifying shampoo

reset clarifying shampoo

designed to remove product
build-up for super shiny hair
and a balanced scalp


Curly Hair Styling Routine

Okay now that we’ve washed and masked, we gotta let our hair air dry a bit. I told you to clear out your entire afternoon, didn’t I? Once my hair is 70% dry, I go in with the Curl Leave-In Conditioner. Even though I detangle during my wash, my hair gets tangled up super fast. This leave-in will help me detangle it again while adding more nourishment and hydration. Let’s not forget control.

I like to style my hair while the leave-in is added, as it makes my curls easier to control. Frizz control with the Curl leave-in is huge but to control those rebel strands, I have a special mixture. I actually got this mixture from a great friend of mine who’s a hairstylist.

In a small spray bottle, I mix some Ghost Oil with some Leave-In Mist. I shake that up and slowly spray my entire head. Important: don’t scrunch your hair! This will add frizz and will ruin your routine. Instead, run your fingers through your hair or if you have a pick, use that. 

Once my hair is fully dry, I go in again with the Ghost Oil for more shine and I pick my hair out a bit more for extra volume. Throughout the day, I like to refresh my curls using the same Ghost Oil and Leave-In Mist combo using a pick rather than a comb. Since my hair is fully dry by now, using a comb would just mess up my curls. Using the pick allows me to add height and volume at the roots while keeping my curls intact.

curl leave-in conditioner

curl leave-in conditioner

weightlessly moisturizes, detangles
and prevents breakage for hydrated,
bouncy curls



Stand In Your Strength

The final step to this routine is admiring yourself in a mirror because curly hair (no matter the type) is professional and beautiful. Curly hair represents your beauty and strength and if your routine is as complicated as mine (or even more detailed), give yourself a round of applause and a pat on the back. You deserve it.

And there we have it. Did I use any of your Verb favorites? Did I spark some curiosity about the Ghost Oil? (P.S. this is the sign you were looking for to finally buy it) I hope you enjoyed reading about my hair routine. You can find out more on @VerbProducts and @Victorsamuelo.


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